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Original painting of a dorcas gazelle, painted in watercolor. The dorcas gazelle is a small antelope, living on the grassland & in the desert of northern Africa & Arabia. Whenever chased by a cheetah, the fastest of carnivores, these antelopes run extremely fast making zig-zags, just like the Thomson's gazelle to escape.

Conservation status: Vulnerable


Paper size unframed:

61 × 46 cm

(Price is frame & passe-partout included)

Dorcas gazelle

Productcode: Dorcasgazelle1
€ 950,00Prijs
  • All original paintings can be delivered with a high quality frame: this is made of certified wood and comes with a passe-partout (the ivory white border around the artwork) & HQ acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is unbreakable and more light weight, but has the quality of real glass.

  • All original paintings are created with the most high quality materials, like cotton paper & (more enviro-friendly) watercolor paint with an excellent lightfastness: the colours will keep their original tones for 75-100 years (under the right circumstances, such as avoiding direct sunlight on the artwork). They're all painted with synthetic brushes only: no animal hair is used, making this painting process completely animal friendly.

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