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Dominique Laurine Artist
Dominique Laurine

Thank you for your interest in my story! As you probably can guess, I’m Dominique Laurine, a Dutch animal artist, born in the autumn of ‘92 and based in The Netherlands. And, the face behind all of this.


Since I was young, I was always drawing my favourite animals, especially horses. And, this continued over the years. After high school I was accepted art the Art Academy in Breda, but I rather consider myself as self-taught since I’ve learned the skills and all kinds of specific techniques all by myself over the years.


My art style can be described as clean fine art, anatomical correct and true to nature, but also minimalistic since I never use backgrounds but leave it completely white. In the eyes of art experts, watercolor is the most difficult medium to work with because water does whatever it wants and it's unforgiving for mistakes. But, I wouldn't be Dutch if I can't control water, right?;)


I've been on the back on a horse since I was 6 years old, because since I was born I was immediately drawn to horses, like a first love. But, apart from my love for horses, I also love the classic, chic and noble appearance of this animal. It immediately gives your interior a sophisticated look. And, with a big amount of different breeds, there's a favourite horse for everyone. How wonderful is that?

But, horses are not the only ones in my countryside theme. My other main focus is on wildlife, especially from the woodlands.  But when the seasons are changing, so is my mood: when the days are getting warmer, I love to paint animals that are more exotic, like African animals and wildlife species from tropical areas. I love to show the variation of the Animal Kingdom, whether it's the North Pole or mysterious rainforest. And, to introduce you to animals you've probably never heard of.

When I go for a stroll in the early morning in the forest and I hear a green woodpecker or when spotting a roe deer, I'm directly inspired to put it on paper. Or, when watching a documentary of the Serengeti: all of my artworks are kind of 'memories' translated onto paper. With these animals you're always in the enchanting atmosphere of the forest, on an African safari or in the Asian jungle: how cool is that? And, that all in your own interior.



As soon as I could walk, my parents took me and my twin brother to the forest almost every day with our Golden Retrievers. And, later on with horses. This is why I absolutely adore nature in all of its seasons. From freshly mowed grass on a summer morning to the smell of burning wood at the fireplace during winter with a misty, spooky weather type: nature is always fascinating in its own way. Everyone who is familiar with the cozy countryside knows the magnicificent beauty of it. This is why I'm very attracted to the woodlands, also because of the classic and chic look of forest animals. Although I do love the city, I can't imagine a life without the woodlands and nature in general.


When investing in an artwork, you don't invest in a piece that's been made in a couple of days. You will receive years of dedication, experience and practise, years of frustration and euforic moments when you finally reach the result you are looking for and working towards. That is the real value of art, not the amount of working hours. You literally invest in a piece of the soul of the artist, made for you.

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