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Would you love to give your interior an exotic touch? Then this collection of exotic animal paintings at Dominique Laurine is the one for you. Bring the tropical world into your home with artworks of tigers, leopards & tropical birds. Their flamboyant looks makes them the perfect eyecatchers for your modern interior. Curious? Find your exotic animal artworks in watercolor here!


Is your favourite out of order? Go for a second chance and find your forest animal prints in watercolor in the limited giclee print shop.

Malayan Tiger in watercolor - Dominique Laurine

ORIGINAL   Exotic animal paintings

More February 2024

Exotic animal art


With Jungle Book as my favourite childhood movie, I was always fascinated by the tropical world. The mysterious rainforest full of unseen birds, all whistling their most beautiful yet mysterious songs. It's probably the mystery around it what makes it so exciting to explore. And, what about the contrasting dry desert, with camels and the Arabian leopard?

My collection of exotic animals is focused on wildlife species from mostly Asia, South America, the Caribbean & Middle East. Here, you find all kinds of tigres, leopards, tropical birds and other big mammals. But, just like African wildlife species, many tropical animals are in danger nowadays, mostly due to poaching and deforestation. With these animal paintings, showing you their current conservation status, I hope to create some awareness and that these wildlife species really need our help...



All of the original exotic animal artworks are painted with the most HQ materials, which means that the colours will keep their original tones for like 75-100 years: this is because of their excellent lightfastness. During the process only synthethic brushes are and will be used, making all of these exotic animal paintings in watercolor completely animal friendly.


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