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Maybe you have read something and it still isn't clear to you what it means. In this FAQ you find standard answers that perhaps will give you an answer to your question. Isn't that the case? Please, feel free to send a message via the contact page or use the chat button below!

What is a giclee print?

A giclee print is the most high quality reproduction when you want the print on paper. Giclee has the same kind of surface as traditional watercolour paintings: it allows you to see each and every detail that you would expect from the original. The 310 gs paper used for Dominique Laurine's giclee prints is from the German brand Hahnemühle. Do you prefer the feeling of an original painting on you wall? Giclee will be the option for you! It will be delivered with a wooden frame and single or double passe-partout (the specific product page will tell which option is available) The maximum print size for giclee is 50×70 cm | Framed 60×80 cm. Sending a package with glass is at the buyers risk - read more about this in the Terms and Conditions.

What is dibond?

Dibond is a plastic sheet consisting of several layers, such as aluminium. This surface is perfect for small and even big sized prints, is lightweight and weatherproof: ideal when you want some decoration outside the house! Dibond can be rectangular, but also be delivered in circular shape (the specific product page will tell which option is available). It's a very modern and playful way to bring artistic prints into your home.

Textile products

The textile products from Dominique Laurine are made of polyester. The pillow for inside use has a more cotton look while the pillow for outside is more water resistant. Every textile product will be printed with the newest techniques and less use of water - durability is very important for us. The textile products can be washed, although you have to treat it with a delicate touch: think of a low water/washing temperature and let it dry naturally to keep the quality as high as possible. You can iron it on the lowest setting, possibly with an additional thin towel for more protection.

If cotton is used, the product will be part of the BCI, known as the Better Cotton Initiative: an initiative that is focused on the durable production of cotton.

Can I order a print on commission?

Yes! This option goes for throw pillows & dibond, like your own dog on a pillow or your horse on a big-sized dibond piece. All unique painted items, like personal artworks, will be signed with DEAU by Dominique Laurine: this proves that you have an original and unique artwork. Would you like to know more about personal artworks, as well as the possibilities? Please, send a message to You will receive a message as soon as possible!

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