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Deer, wolves & owls: these are the famous inhabitants of the enchanting forest. With their rich earth tones they give your interior a warm & cozy feeling. The forest animal paintings from Dominique Laurine are inspired by British & Canadian wildlife, but also species living in snowy areas, like the snow leopard. Curious? Find your favourite forest wildlife paintings here!


Is your favourite out of order? Go for a second chance and find your forest animal prints in watercolor in the limited giclee print shop.

Little owl in watercolor - Dominique Laurine

ORIGINAL   Forest animal paintings

October - November 2023

Original Animal Art


Modern, but timeless. Bold, but subtle. And, completely focused on the true-to-nature lok of the animal: just as nature intended. My original animal paintings are based on horses, zebras and big cats: animal with a natural eyecatching appearance. Stripes and spots in a very tight way. Or, like a fallen bucket with paint, like the perfection of imperfection. When it's different, it has my full attention. Does the animal have rare colours or coat patterns? That's the one I want to paint - I like you being different.



My original paintings are complete made with the best materials only. This means the colour will remain their original tones, because of the high light fastness, for over 75-100 years. Some of the artworks contain 100% real leaf gold (23.75 carat). All of the paintings are made with synthethic brushes and synthethic only: no animal hair is used, making this art production completely vegan & animal friendly.


To keep the exclusivity of all original artworks as much as possible, all prices are on request.

Have you seen a work that piqued your interest? Or, are you interested in a limited reproduction? Feel free to send me a (casual) message for more information. Your digital cup of coffee is already here for you! :)


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