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Would you like to give your rustic, modern or equestrian interior a sporty touch? At Dominique Laurine you can choose from all kinds of horse paintings, focused on warmblood breeds used for dressage, jumping and racing. Do you love the classic Thoroughbred or are you a fan of the Hanoverian, Holstein or Dutch Warmblood? Find your favourite original sport horse paintings in watercolor at Dominique Laurine.


All of the original sport horse artworks in watercolor are personally signed, as well double mounted & framed, which means they are immediately ready to hang. Is your favourite out of order? Go for a second chance and find your sport horse print in watercolor in the limited giclee print shop.


Sport horse art


Sport horses are the most luxurious breeds in the equestrian world, mostly because of their atlethic performances. Since I was an equestrian myself back in the days, I know the beauty of having the relationship with a horse, especially when being together in the forest. Because of these wonderful moments, I wanted to create a collection with sport horses, focused on themes like dressage, jumping and racing. Here, you will find famous breeds like the German Holstein, Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Dutch warmblood, Selle Français & English Thoroughbred.

These horse paintings are excellent to give your rustic or equestrian interior a sporty yet luxurious touch.And, it's with a little wink to the past: these equestrian artworks are partly inspired by old vintage horse paintings from masters like Munnings & Stubbs. I love the romantic atmospheres in these paintings, which can beautifully be captued with oils. But, I also love the modern way: that's why I've chosen for a clean background, but with the same kind of compostions.


All of the sport horse artworks are painted with the most HQ materials, which means that the colours will keep their original tones for like 75-100 years: this is because of their excellent lightfastness. During the process only synthethic brushes are and will be used, making all of these watercolor sport horse paintings completely animal friendly.

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