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Dominique Laurine Artist
Dominique Laurine

Hello you! First of all: thank you for your interest to get to know me a little better. My name is Dominique Laurine, born in the autumn of 1992 and living in the south of The Netherlands, known as the 'Burgundian' province Brabant.

Since I was three years old, animals and colour pencils were my first best friends, with a result of always drawing them, although you could say I had some learning to do ;). Many years of practise later, I was accepted at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda. I have always followed my own path, as well learning specific techniques all by myself, so I rather consider myself as self-taught.

But, when I grew older, my interest for drawing became even bigger and I was almost practising every day. And, just as long until I reached something I was looking for. After a long time of practising, I even got accepted at the St. Joost Academy of Art in Breda. But,  I’ve always chosen my own path and learned myself all techniques I needed, as well as choosing the best colours.


Ever since I was born, I’ve been a regular visitor to the forest. Back in the days, I discovered the beauty of the forest with our former Golden Retrievers. And, even on the back of a horse. Trumpeting Canadian geese in the early morning near the pond, surrounded by countless pine and beech trees on a sunny morning in May. The same trees with ‘inhabitants’ such as drumming woodpeckers, owls and all kind of songbirds.

In that same forest where foxes, badgers and squirrels are sniffing between ferns, looking for food. And, deer, hare and pheasants check cautiously at their surroundings. When you know the forest, you know the absolutely magic of it. From the transforming autumn and ‘spooky’ winter to the blossoming spring and freshly green summer: whatever season it is, the forest will never lose its beauty and fairytale-like atmosphere. It is the place I’ve visited so many times already. It’s the place that’s intertwined with my DNA.


The odor of nature after rain, as well the odor of open fire on a winter evening. Freshly mowed grass. The warm light of October. The white haze of fog and frost. Icicles on a sunny, but o-so cold winter day. Birds in spring. Common swifts, high in the sky during summer. These ultimate gifts of nature, that’s what makes my an extremely happy creature. It’s the purest form of nature. I love to bring this serenity into my works: that why I completely focus on the animal itself, without any backgrounds. Like this, the focus will be completely ‘on the moment’.


Whenever you invest in a piece of art, you do not invest in a work that is created in a couple of days or weeks. You invest in years of dedication, experience and practise, but also years of frustration and euphoric moments when you finally reach the result you have been looking and practising for. For years. That is the real value of art, not the amount of working hours. You literally invest in the soul of the artist. A piece that has made with love. For you, as an art lover.

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