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Original painting of a Grévy's zebra, painted in watercolor. The Grévy's zebra is one of the three zebra species in Africa, famous for its very thin, chocolate brown stripes and large ears. This zebra mainly lives in Kenya & Ethiopia and is the largest living equid in the wild.

Conservation status: Endangered


Paper size unframed:

105 × 75 cm

(Price is frame & passe-partout included)

Grévy's zebra

SKU: Grevyzebra1
  • All original paintings can be delivered with a high quality frame: this is made of certified wood and comes with a passe-partout (the ivory white border around the artwork) & HQ acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is unbreakable and more light weight, but has the quality of real glass.

  • All original paintings are created with the most high quality materials, like cotton paper & (more enviro-friendly) watercolor paint with an excellent lightfastness: the colours will keep their original tones for 75-100 years (under the right circumstances, such as avoiding direct sunlight on the artwork). They're all painted with synthetic brushes only: no animal hair is used, making this painting process completely animal friendly.

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