The Netherlands: There's no place like home!

If the grass is always greener on the other side? Many times it’s temping to think it is. But, it's also annoying, because it feels like that all our familiar things can never be enough – In The Netherlands, we don’t have metropolises like New York or Paris or the flamboyant greatness of the Emirates.

And, since 2020, we got covid19 in our lives. What seemed to be a virus on a distance at first, managed to strike hard in The Netherlands. A year later, we have to deal with all kinds of restrictions. If I’m tired of those? Absolutely! But, I can’t deny either that covid19 also brought something good…

Travel ban

The world stands still. Airlines are in high need because their revenue is lower than ever. Even from The Netherlands, there is little air traffic. For travel-loving Dutchies, there is no other solution than staying here. And, that is exactly the topic of this blog post.

Because ‘we’, let’s put it in general, are mostly acting like we ‘have to go’. As if we have to escape from The Netherlands, even if that’s only for a couple of days or two weeks. We want to have that ‘vacation feeling’, which means we have to travel abroad to get that.