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Spring 2021 has started! What will you see the upcoming period?

Whistling birds, the first curious flowers and a temperature that makes winter coats unnecessary: Spring 2021 is finally here! In this update I will tell you what March has brought, will bring and what the plans for the upcoming period will be…

Website done

After some long days and technical activities, the website is finally ready to take orders. And, the first one is already a fact! It's the perfect start for spring, which also counts for the concept of Dominique Laurine itself.

All prints are available for several products, such as giclee prints, canvas and dibond, but also -upcoming- home accessories. Each print will show you what the available options for products are.

Spring collections

To start this new season and to give it some matching themes, I will start with creating some typical spring collections. Rabbits, garden birds and farm animals: even typing their names gives me a lot of energy!

The collections that will get the most attention for the upcoming months are farm animals, garden wildlife and horses. When creating a collection, I’m searching for the best matches when looking at animals and the season where in or heading to.

For now, it’s the turn of energetic garden birds, sniffing rodents and the small inhabitants of the pond, as well horses and our beloved farm animals.

In the next blog I will tell you more about a specific collection and what inspired me as a creator to paint a theme like this...

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