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EN - Introduction Dominique Laurine

Dominique Laurine: it’s the newest art business I’ve started since March 2021. I will begin by telling you how the name for this business came alive…

The name Dominique Laurine

When I was born in November 1992, my parents thought it was a good idea to give me the name Dominique. But, my mother didn’t get one, but two little creatures. If the second would be a girl as well, they would have named it Laurine.

But ‘faith’ thought differently about this case: Laurine became Reinier and, 28 years later, Laurine has always remained a name…

In order not to make the name disappear completely, Laurine became one of my other names. But, to be honest, what do you do with other names? You use them for official documents, like a passport or a plain ticket, but after that, it seems like the name will fall behind you, like a shadow...

Until I started this art business, an idea that was created in the cold, snowy days of February. The concept was already there, but it needed a name. Then I realised I could use the name my mother always wanted for me.

Dominique Laurine: in fact, it’s just my original name, but it does feel like a fresh, new start. And, since I sell my original artworks under my ‘nickname’ and under my first art business, it resulted in two different worlds.

The concept

And, how does this continue? I have now been painting seriously for a couple of years now, creating a realistic art style that is completely focused on animals. What started with my first deer painting that I sold to an art lover in Aberdeen, led to this second art business…

The concept Dominique Laurine is fully focused on creating animal prints with themes like Delft Blue, farm and forest animals, exclusively designed for limited edition reproductions. In this way, you can still buy an ‘exclusive piece’ – it comes directly from the designer-, but you don’t have to pay ‘the full price’, referring to original paintings.

What really got on my nerves, and the reason why I started this concept, was the multiplicity in which prints occur. If your neighbour, back neighbour, nephew, grandniece, colleague or your local dentist has the same print, it doesn’t give you an exclusive feeling.

Sometimes it’s just want you want: that you are the only one or one of the few who has this item; an item you can be proud of!

Exlusive animal prints

From that point of view, I started Dominique Laurine. I want you, as someone with interest, give the possibility of having an exclusive print of your own: the same feeling ‘real art lovers’ have when searching for an original painting.

To ensure the exclusivity, all products, from small to big, will be released as limited edition pieces. You will always be one of the few who got one of the prints. It’s like piece of art, but more accessible.

In the upcoming blog posts, I will give you an insight in my world. How do you create a certain collection? Why is this specie or breed like that special? Do you have a question or would you like to know something? Please, feel free to send a message!

P.s. All original artworks that I sell through my other art business are one of a kind pieces: these are not the ones you see in this web shop. The prints you see here are exclusively designed for these products. They are therefore really two worlds that are separated from each other.

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