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The most enchanting creature? There is only one answer to that: the king of the woodlands, known as the deer. At Dominique Laurine, you will discover your favourite deer art. Go for a classic roe, majestic red deer or Bambi's white-tailed deer. Or, what about some 'winter deer', like the imposing moose or a Christmas reindeer? Find your favourite and chic deer paintings in watercolor here!



All of the original deer paintings in watercolor are personally signed, as well double mounted & framed, which means they are immediately ready to hang. Is your favourite out of order? Go for a second chance and find your deer prints in watercolor in the limited giclee print shop.

Deer art


With those magical crowns on their heads, we understand why deer are seen as the 'kings of the forest'. Their noble yet chic appearance makes them one of the favourite woodland wildlife species, especially with that fairytale look: no wonder why we often found them in stories and cultural festivities, such as Christmas. They are definitely my favourite animals when it comes to wildlife. Even when I was young I often visited the fallow deer that were living across my grandparents home.

Because deer are so popular in art, I've decided to give them, just as birds, their own collection. We have several deer species all over the world and all different from each other: from the spotted and cute fallow deer to the Scandinavian reindeer. Or, what about the small roe against the majestic elk deer? In this collection you can easily choose your favourite deer painting when seeing them all together. Bring the enchanting forest into your home and discover your favourite deer painting in watercolor at Dominique Laurine.


All of the deer artworks are painted with the most HQ watercolor, which means that the colours will keep their original tones for like 75-100 years: this is because of their excellent lightfastness. During the process only synthethic brushes are and will be used, making all of these watercolor deer paintings completely animal friendly.

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