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Original paintings of

Curious cows, wooly sheep & chickens: farm life brings us back to the authentic way of life. It's chic yet familiar and therefore the perfect fit for a rustic or even modern interior. Go for English breeds, like the Hereford & Suffolk. Or, what about Old Dutch breeds, like the Lakenvelder, or some barn swallows? Find your favourite watercolor farm animal paintings at Dominique  Laurine.


All of the original farm animal artworks in watercolor are personally signed, as well double mounted & framed, which means they are immediately ready to hang. Is your favourite out of order? Go for a second chance and find your farm animal prints in watercolor in the limited giclee print shop.

Farm animal art


Misty meadows on the hills surrounded by pine trees and oaks. A crowing rooster in the early morning, grazing cows and bleating sheep: it's the best version of the idyllic countryside. And, what about those typical farm birds, such as sparrows and barn swallows, giving us the typical sounds we immediately connect to farm life. How cozy is that? Or, that tiny, but o-so cute litte harvest mouse, looking for some cereals.

What I personally adore about the romantic version of farm life, is the pure and authentic way of living: to open your doors and windows and to be enchanted by the most beautiful songs of song birds. To enjoy even the sounds of a cow, a cricket and the charming change of  seasons. The warm wind of summer, but also the frosty meadows in winter: the countryside is like a magical place. This is why I dedicate my farm animal collection to this more traditional life, filled with paintings of cows, sheep, farm birds & chickens: the most perfect fit for a rustic interior. 



All of the original farm animal artworks are painted with the most HQ materials, which means that the colours will keep their original tones for like 75-100 years: this is because of their excellent lightfastness. During the process only synthethic brushes are and will be used, making all of these watercolor farm animal paintings completely animal friendly.

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