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Original paintings of

Would you love to give your interior a chic yet familiar touch? Then this collection of dog paintings at Dominique Laurine is the one for you. Bring some warmth into your home with artworks of hounds & huntings dogs, such as Foxhounds, Spaniels & Retrievers. Their noble appearances makes them the perfect fit for a rustic or even equestrian interior. Curious? Find yours here!

French Basset hound watercolor.jpg


All of the original dog artworks in watercolor are personally signed, as well double mounted & framed, which means they are immediately ready to hang. Is your favourite out of order? Go for a second chance and find your dog prints in watercolor in the limited giclee print shop.

Canine art


Grewing up with -over the years- 3 Golden Retrievers, I know the special connection you can have with these extremely lovely creatures. They are our best friends on four legs and immediately give us a feeling of warmth and familiarity. Because of my countryside theme, my canine collection is mostly focused on dogs from the hound & hunting group, such as Spaniels, Retrievers and English Foxhounds.

What I personally love about these breeds is the chic appearance, which fits perfectly in a rustic or even equestrian interior. For me, it's like going back in time with these dogs: for centuries these breeds are very popular by noble familie, like you see in certain movies and even on old paintings. A group of Foxhounds for example will directly make a statement in the interior. It's chic yet familiar: perfect for a warm touch in your interior. 



All of the original canine artworks are painted with the most HQ materials, which means that the colours will keep their original tones for like 75-100 years: this is because of their excellent lightfastness. During the process only synthethic brushes are and will be used, making all of these watercolor dog paintings completely animal friendly.

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